ISO 4309 Compliance

Effortlessly comply with the guidelines specified in ISO 4309, empowering your organisation to achieve higher levels of operational safety in an efficient, fast, and reliable manner.

ISO 4309, the internationally recognised standard covering the Inspection of Crane Wire Rope provides a comprehensive framework for organisations striving to improve safety around the operation of Wire Rope.​ ISO 4309 covers all stages of the Inspection process from installation to discard, allowing organisations to make rope decisions with greater certainty, confidence, and clarity.

Despite the comprehensive nature of the standard, it can be difficult to implement efficiently. Rope IQ removes this complexity by automating as much of the process as possible.

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How it works

How Rope IQ makes ISO 4309 compliance easy

Automated Calculations

Rope IQ automatically calculates the ISO 4309 status of the rope based on the inspection data you input to help minimise mistakes, improve efficiency, and simplify the inspection process.

Data Validation

Rope IQ's validation system ensures that your inspectors are performing inspections in compliance with ISO 4309 by flagging up errors as they occur.

Improved Planning

Use Rope IQ's management capabilities to ensure you never miss an inspection and remain compliant at all times.