The Mission Of Rope IQ Is To...

Transform the technological landscape of the lifting industry for the betterment of organisations and individuals worldwide.




Improving Safety

We aid organisations in improving the safety of their workplace by simplifying the process of compliance.

Improving Efficiency

We enable organisations to operate more efficiently by providing them with advanced management solutions and analytical capabilities.

Improving Technology

We improve the technological capabilities available to organisations reliant on lifting equipment.

Our Story

In 2017, with the goal of improving safety for users of Wire Rope, we conceived the idea of a system to manage the entire Inspection process from start to finish.

The international standard covering primarily crane ropes (ISO 4309:2017) is comprehensive but can be complex to implement.

The result is Rope IQ, a product that not only makes compliance easy and the workplace safer, but is also capable of offering companies an advantage when it comes to managing their Ropes.

With advanced management capabilities including Dashboards, Reporting, Artificial Intelligence and much more, we are proud to present the worlds most advanced crane rope management system.