3 Ways Rope IQ's Wire Rope Inspection Software Helps Improve Safety


This article describes three ways that the Rope IQ software helps organisations improve safety around wire rope.

1. ISO 4309 Compliance

Rope IQ implements ISO 4309, the worlds most comprehensive standard for wire rope inspection. ISO 4309 takes into account all the factors which contribute to loss of wire rope strength.

Using the software in the field forces compliance with ISO 4309, and by validating inputs and automating calculations, dramatically reduces the chance of mistakes.

Rope IQ - Wire Rope Software

Adding an ISO 4309 Compliant Inspection with Rope IQ.

Rope IQ - Wire Rope Software

After adding an inspection, the software immediately notifies the user the condition of the rope at the inspected position.

2. Improved Management

Our software makes it hard to miss an inspection thanks to our charts and color code system. When you first sign in to the software, the home page shows a color-coded summary of the next inspections due, any missed inspections, and any inspections due within a month.

Rope IQ - Wire Rope Software

The home page provides a breakdown of Upcoming Inspections, and a list of ropes sorted by inspection due date.

3. Predictive Analytics

Instead of reacting to issues as they occur, the software allows you to identify issues preemptively through the use of predictive analytics. Rope IQ provides charts to predict discard dates for all ropes based on previous inspection data.

Rope IQ - Wire Rope Software

Rope IQ's predictive analytics allows you to predict the date of discard for a rope.


Rope IQ provides the tools and functionality required to improve safety in your workplace dramatically. If you would like to see the software for yourself in a free 30-minute Skype demo, drop us a message in the below form!

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